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    Blatant Racism Needs to Stop

    Los Angeles, CA June 20, 2012 – It has come to the attention of the members of that the Adidas Shoes group was in the process of placing for sale shoes they named  ‘JS Roundhouse Mids’. These shoes were “equipped” with Plastic Yellow shackles that were to be affixed to the ankles of the wearer.

    The recent negative publicity placed upon Adidas has caused them to rethink their obviously flawed decision to release the shoes. Adidas is neither the first nor the last shoe company to error in judgment when dealing with obvious racially offensive styles and choices.

    Facebook has been afire before, during and after the news of these shoes being released. Facebook members were posting messages such as “OMG, SMH and F’ing Horrible”.  This is totally unacceptable.

    We, the members of, a website built to speak against situations such as these are not pleased with this decision by Adidas to initially put them out for sale and then just decide to not release them without an apology to the affected peoples.

    A big portion of the buying public or not, black people across the world  purchase a good amount of shoes from all manufacturers and  for Adidas to introduce an obviously racist shoe  to the public is a slap in the face to us as a people.

     This is not acceptable and we demand an apology. This is not something we will continue to take lying down. The blatant disrespect shown by Adidas in this instance is not going to be smiled away. Gone are the days of smiling off disrespect. We demand a public apology from Adidas in any and possibly all public arenas.

    The members of will not let this just fall by the waist side like the other so called Black leaders allow when the story gets cold; we demand action and correction. We will not allow Adidas or any other company to disrespect those of us that are living today nor our ancestors just for them to make a dollar off of the ignorant among us.

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